Feminister of the people (apathyislame) wrote in femalearchetype,
Feminister of the people

O'Reilly Factor

Did anyone watch the O'Reilly Factor last night...not that you should watch that heinous show but it does suck you in, like Jerry Springer...the shock value is ummm...ridiculous. ANyway he had three guest the [former?] president of Planned Parenthood, a woman from "Concerned Women in American" or something like that and a "women's rights activist" to discuss the new commercial for condoms put on by Planned Parenthood. Which is supposed to be portraying the woman as having the power in the situation...it is cute, about power tools and having the right equipment and the women from the concerned citizens said "they are trying to portray sex as a recreational activity..." I was thinking, "duh?" what is the problem with that...and it was really just a ridiculous arguement because the women were on completely different channels/planes of existence and while one was arguing abstinence only the other was advocating women's sexual empowerment and then the other was throwing around supposed facts about how condoms don't protect against most STIs! It was quite a circus and so frustrating! P.S. incidentally O'reilly factor adviertises that it is a no-spin zone....WOW>>>>
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