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Women Who Made an Impact in 2015 [04 Mar 2016|04:47pm]
The world is changing and so are our women. From fighting for women’s rights to vote to pledging for parity, we have come a long way in terms of women’s freedom and empowerment. Over the years, we have witnessed women standing up for their rights; year 2015 was no exception to this rule. This Women’s Day let us admire and appreciate the women who made a difference and did their bit to make this world a better home for women.

Malala Yousufazai

An assassination attempt from Taliban did not deter this 17-year-old girl from fighting for the cause of girl’s education and children’s rights. Her exceptional efforts made her the youngest recipient of Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. As she completes her high school education in the UK, her fight for the cause continues.

Hillary Clinton

In run for the upcoming Presidential elections in the USA, Hillary Clinton has been an advocate for women empowerment. In 1995 at UN’s women conference in Beijing, she proclaimed that “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights” paving new ways for uplifting the position of women in society. After taking over as the Secretary of State, she made efforts and succeeded to make women’s rights an integral part of UN’s foreign policy.

Ashley Judd

The Hollywood actress has always fought for women’s rights and equality be it Hollywood or anywhere else. This year, she stood against the misogynistic trolls on the internet and shunned all forms of women abuse that was prevalent on the Internet and took the online world by storm.

Amal Clooney

Apart from topping the list of fashion A-listers and marrying Hollywood actor George Clooney, Amal Clooney is an internationally acclaimed Human Rights lawyer. Her lists of clients include Wikilieaks’ fame Julian Assange, and detained Al Jazeera journalist, Mohamed Fahmy among several others.

Leslee Udwin

Leslee Udwin is the director of documentary “India’s Daughter’ which featured the horrific real life story of a gang rape case in India. This documentary called for a global outrage and was banned. However, it brought this dark side of the society to the fore and fueled the debate on how women have always been the victim of sexual violence and put a big question mark on their safety not only in India but across the globe.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A supporter of women’s rights, an atheist, an activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somalian refugee who worked her way up from cleaning factories to become a Member of Parliament. She has condemned Islamic extremism and has voiced her opinion through her book named as Heretic: Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now.

Ellen Pao

Filing a lawsuit against venture capital firm Kliener Perkins Caulfield and Byer for gender discrimination, Ellen Pao, an American lawyer put a big question on the work culture of Silicon Valley. Though the judgment of this suit was not in favor but it certainly did put a spotlight on the prevailing sexism and gender bias in the Silicon Valley tech industry.

These gutsy women broke all the boundaries and became an unbeaten power in their respective fields. Are there any other names that come in your mind when you think about impactful and powerful women? We would love to know your views.

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new member [23 Sep 2008|09:13am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Shame is this journal little used then? Its seems there is little in the way of ongoing postings.

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An Amazing Video [06 May 2008|10:13pm]


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Young radical feminists (35 or younger) [17 Sep 2007|11:24pm]

I'm going to compile an informal listing of radfems under 35 (born post-1970) because academia (or as Mary Daly would say: academentia) thinks or hopes us folk are going the way of the dinosaur.

So if you're a rad fem born 1970 or later, could I get a comment? Just give your username, or a nickname, or your real name. And if you know any authors, singers, activists, etc. who are radfem and under 35, could you give us their name. And maybe a little bio for both categories if you like, or a wee manifesto or whatnot.  And do you/your rad fems you list identify as 2nd or 3rd wave?

This is not meant to belittle older radfems in any wany, shape, or form. They're more than welcome to comment too, but please state you're older than 35, so i don't count you as a "young" rad fem.

Also, please post this other rad fem/feminist communities, blogs, etc. Let's get this thang going!

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Bisexuality and the Lesbian Community [21 Apr 2007|08:37pm]

I'm writing a paper on bisexuality and the lesbian community, and how we define identity. If you know of any articles or books that deal with this discussion, particularly the fluidity of sexuality, I would really appreciate any information you could pass on.


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Gender In Lyrics... [08 Feb 2007|09:24pm]

Alright folks, I need a bit of help... I'm looking for some good examples of gender roles in song lyrics, preferably written and/or performed by female musicians. I've got some pretty standard stuff, but I'm looking for somethings that I may not have heard... and I'd like songs that both represent accepted gender roles as well as those that defy them...

So far I have:

Ani DiFranco- Not A Pretty Girl
Dar Williams- When I Was A Boy
Storm Large- I Am What I Am
No Doubt- Just A Girl

Just anything that comes to mind... I know there are some other excellent artists, but I can't think of any song lyrics that have what I'm looking for...

Thanks so much in advance

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anais nin quotes [03 Feb 2007|02:40pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.

How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.

Age does not protect you from love. But love protects you from age.

I know why familles were created, with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed.

Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.

(с) Anais Nin


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IMPACT Defense Against Multiple Assailants class [02 Feb 2007|11:56am]

(cross-posted on a few relevant communities)

     Fighting multiple unarmed assailants bore some similarities to fighting single unarmed assailants. Firstly, the premise of the attack was sexual assault or some other act that implied the assailants wanted you alive and aware of what they were doing until they felt that they had managed to perform this act. Therefore, assailants were more likely to grab and restrain us than to throw a deadly punch.

     As in Single Unarmed Assailants class, the presumption was that they were out to
  1. convince us to stop hitting them but not "fight" the way men fight each other and
  2. do sexual things we didn’t want them to do (or, as I said, something like that).
     This class is not adequate preparation for fighting multiple henchmen in a Jet Li movie whose only goal is to kill you as fast as possible.

     Another similarity to the single assailant class was the idea that men who attack women (or anyone they perceive as belonging to a “weaker” social category, like children or the elderly) are easily frightened by the yells and blows of an opponent who is fighting a "real" fight. The evidence (crime reports, interviews, etc.) shows that this is even truer of assailants who feel the need to have a whole group to be sufficiently intimidating to a woman.

     It is also truer with multiple assailants because the reasons for the attack are often focused on feeling masculine in the eyes of other group members rather than in the eyes of the woman. This can make a lot of members of the group lose commitment and run away or give up as soon as they see their only judges failing the intimidate-and-abuse mission.

     The neatest trick we learned was lining up assailants. Though they roam and threaten like a wolf pack, they don’t move like a wolf pack. Trained combat teams have better things to do: they have Jet Lis and Uma Thurmans to fight. Thirteen-year-olds are not combat teams who know how to move in relation to one another. They probably formed their group 30 minutes ago!

     So if they try to come at you from 2 or 3 different directions, you back up and move left or right until becomes . However, it doesn’t take long for the ones in back to figure out that their path is blocked, so you must hit or kick the front one as soon as you get that line and then keep moving to make a new line out of the assailants (preferably including the one you just mobilized, because he/she might be mobile sooner than you think).

     If one does manage to run around you (instead of you keeping him in front of you by backing up as fast as he’s approaching your flank side), you might indeed get grabbed from behind. We learned several handy techniques for that! We learned:
  • how to clock someone behind us in the head
  • how to hurt him in the groin despite having our backs to him
  • how to take out someone in front of us if that person seems too close to first hurt the rear person and take the time to turn around and strike a better blow, and
  • most importantly, no matter how many or few assailants we’ve struck, to see exit opportunities from the sandwich and take them right away.
How’d we learn? Practice makes better!
(One of our instructors refuses to say, "Practice makes perfect.")

     We also learned how to hurt them and thus escape if they’re pinning our arms and legs to the ground. Again, as with single unarmed assailants, it’s important not to think, "He’s holding me and there’s a hand coming to grope me!" and to think, "He’s at my feet, restraining them from moving in 2 directions, but not a third. I will move them in this third direction and use them to hurt him. If he leans in to try to grope me, all the easier, but I’ll figure it out no matter what he does."
     (Strong abs make this easier, by the way! Balance and gravity make it possible even without them, though.)

     Same goes for people holding your arms. Don’t worry about what they or their buddies are doing to your breasts and crotch. Focus on the ones pinning down your weapons (limbs) and only once they’re too immobilized/stunned to grab back your weapons is it helpful to worry about [using those weapons and] getting rid of or escaping out from under people with their hands on your privates.

     Since an attacked person can keep the fight much more manageable by staying mobile, we learned new kicks and hits that weren’t taught in the Single Unarmed Assailants class. There we almost tried to lie down on the ground as fast as possible. Here we had to learn to stay confident and strong while standing.

     We also learned to "shuffle" because walking, running, or traveling sideways by stepping with criss-crossing feet (I’m so bad about doing that!) is more likely to make us trip. It’s not all-important, but it helps.

     The strike-once-and-only-once-and-move tactic doesn’t last forever. Once every assailant has had a few blows they generally pause longer to recover. If you have put two on the ground ahead of you and a third is staggering away from you on your left from a blow to the head, when you draw the fourth out to your right and hit him/her, when he/she bends over or goes down, you might see that no one else is on his/her feet yet. If you see that, it is safe to throw one, two, or more kicks against the same assailant and knock him/her unconscious (ball-clutching or head-clutching assailants can recover and run quickly enough to catch you half a mile down the road. Unconscious ones give you time to get to a safe place and report the attack to the police).

     Towards the end of the fight, you use both the one-hit-and-move strategy and the hit-until-knockout strategy as appropriate until all assailants have been knocked out ("ASSESS!") or truly run away ("LOOK!").

     Use verbal assertion to dissuade any menacing onlookers from jumping in to start a new fight. Fight if attacked. Look, assess, and repeat if there are more menacing onlookers.

     Leave the scene, watching where you’re going. They’re all unconscious or gone--you checked earlier. Don’t get hit by a bus or trip in a gutter by looking over your shoulder while you walk or jog.

That’s what we learned in class!

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rant, on derivitive of thought and acceptance [04 Dec 2006|01:50pm]


I fail to see how porn is a liberating act I thin the attachment of the term liberation to porn is more a masked faced of faux feminism. Just because society has gone from one extreme to another from never speaking about sex, no sex outside marriage strict rules etc. to an almost anything goes attitude, does not make it liberating, or right, or a natural progression. If anything I think its just another facet of human basic needs, desires and emotions which are being exploited for financial gain by the producers, creators, actors, buyers, sellers and pushers of the sex trade and porn industry. Its sad to think that sex has turned into a community, just yet another thing to be proliferated and exploited and profited form. The mystery of sex has all been tossed aside. There’s nothing you can't find out about sex by the age of 12, which leads to an over sexualized culture. Then in turn leading to kids being sexualized younger and younger, and having more products and services shoved their way to improve their sexual images and lives. Why. Why can't a kid be a kid? The person's going to have the rest of their lives to have sex and the like. Why does the messages need to begin when they are not even a teenager yet? What become of innocence, and subtly? Is nothing sacred anymore? I do not feel that this is an overtly conservative perspective, I simply fail to see any human (evolutionary) advantage to sexualizing ourselves younger and younger. Do people just keep going with the flow and ebbs of their societies? Do they never stop and question, hey wait a second, what am I doing, here, where did I make the conscious choice to be okay with this, allow it into my life and go with it all? Its more like it has snuck up, and seamlessly worked its way into one’s life without any permission. Its there because it’s a societal product. And in the end. We are the products. Being sold back ourselves, personas and ideals and beliefs, and somehow accepting them and telling ourselves that what we believe to be true is of our own creation, right… and the culture ad society you grew up in and are stitched apart of had nothing to do with who you are, what you think or buy or use or feel or what belief structures you stand upon.

Porn is here, because we as a society have allowed it to be here. Collectively. Majority rules. In the end, wherever a profit can be made, an industry will be built and exploited and utilized. Its capitalism after all.</b>

Far too often people simply take for granted whatever the “law” leaders, or policy makers or hell trend setters, anyone with authority has to say for granted. As if what they set forth as rules or thought is the final say and what is right. Quite often people will fail to question authority, because if “we” have appointed them, they are on top, then what they say goes, and has to be true and right. Power is a funny thing like that. Really though, inherently there is nothing that is good or bad, only thinking, rules, choices make things into categories of black and white, right and wrong. We then label these rules changes over time, changes in opinion and ways of life as progression of the times and thought, and attempt to label our current thinking patters as “correct” “liberal” and “just” “progressive” “modern”. (linguistics too a crazy powerful tool). But five years later, when we scrap it all, we will have adopted another process of rules and thinking and go on to label these as correct and justifiable and so forth. Now which is right? The then or the now? Who makes that decision? Are they right in making that decision? What gives them the “power” to do so? Who are they to judge?

All of it really does not matter in the end, its all choice, a matter of hearing the right argument and at the right time can have drastic effects on ones mentality and thinking. Hence why political leaders work so hard with their catchy slogans in hopes of cohesion. People after all are easier to control when homogenized, when their actions ad thinking are along the same lines, when majority rules.

We can sit and butt heads all day on who is right, but it will not matter. Because in the end its more like, who is right, right NOW.
I think it’s a far better idea to simply explore the roots of issues and question why things have come to be the way they are, why porn is so widely accepted and what direction is this going to continue to take. If its going no where, what then can be done to absorb this shift, and at least make it a safer environment on various levels. (In Holland, prostitution is legal, its governmentally organized and ran, and considered to be quite clean and safe. Programs are even set up so that people with disabilities can experience sexual pleasure as clientele without stigma. To some, this is the “progressive” direction of thought and action we should be taking.)

x-posted to anti_porn femalearchetype

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girls gone wildly stupid! [03 Dec 2006|05:14pm]

girls gone wildly stupid!
wtf is with all this girls gone wild bullshit... makes me angry. here u have this barley legal girls who often are liquored up and coaxed into doing things for the camera, and then there are the girls who want their 15 seconds of fame and think its fun to show yet another pair of boobs to a video camera. these people have made a brand name out of this cheap behaviour, and people buy this shit. wow girl on girl kissing, in the sense of the stereotypical male fantasy, girls just doing it all for the camera. i've heard of teen girls who have ambitions to be on girls gone wild... greaaat. Maybe if we show some skin, the boys will like us and we can be famous! Yet again i can hear the wheels of feminism turning backwards (more and more each day) . The only reason this sort of behaviour is allowed and continuing becuz we are allowing it to as people, theres the sells and the takers, and if it was breed out of them to do/use/buy into this shite, then it wouldn't be around.

some good anti porn argument faq's" http://www.oneangrygirl.net/antiporn.html

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Fire and Brimstone... [15 Nov 2006|11:13pm]

I'm doing some research about 'Fire and Brimstone' preaching in fundementalist churches and common biblical passages used to denounce feminists and homosexuality. I haven't been able to find a really comprehensive website on the subject; I think my search parameters are just too broad, so I came here for help! I'm basically looking for sites that quote tons of scripture (whether fully or with those nifty elipses that justify anything) on both subject; ideally, I'd like one that provides both sides, the anti and pro. Any help would be appreciated!

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Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition [08 Nov 2006|10:24am]


Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition: Color and Conservation
Now through December 31st


Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Ave,
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 473-7720

From what I’ve been hearing, this is the only northeast exhibition of these works. If you’re a student/looking for a group rate, consider recruiting from an applicable class or student organization. 

I live 5 mins from the museum, so feel free to get in touch if you'll be going to the exhibit and would like ideas for places to grab lunch.

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made up in make up [26 Oct 2006|04:49am]


and peoples, theres a forum to match, although not that hot with debate and such, its a forum none the less.


im happy that a big company like shit i forget who makes dove soap, but its good to see them taken a stance as this, they've been doing it for a couple years now, and its quite good, yes it helps sell their products, but the messages and persona it sends forth, is worth it, and ethical i think.

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life coaching for the house woman ... crazy website [24 Jul 2006|01:57pm]



just go see it..

and these "reminders" http://flylady.net/pages/reminder1.asp

june's reminder if about making sure "you drink your water" ladies and love yourself....

We are going to build a Morning Routine for your Control Journal or to just post on the refrigerator. Here is what I do.

1. Get up and weigh
2. Shower and get dressed to lace up shoes, fix your hair and face
3. While you are in the bathroom Swish and Swipe
4. Grab a load of laundry and start the washer
5. Check your calendar for today's activities
6. Empty dishwasher to start your day
7. Eat something good for you and take your medicine and vitamins
8. Drink your water

ummm yeah... i haven't looked around the entire site.. actually i'm kinda afriad to... what is this.. life coaching every step of the house women's day...!?

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Couples find new names for marriage [17 Jul 2006|01:54pm]

I approve and like this, it gives marriage more importance.
Read more...Collapse )
x-posted to femminista

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[16 Jul 2006|10:24pm]

First off, this is x-posted

In June, I posted about a zine that I was writing, and I'm finally done writing it! It's called "What's In My Pants" and if any of you want it, I can email you a word-format copy of it! It's about sex, vaginas, birth control, menstruation, and keeping free of infections and related stuff.

If you like it and want to send it around, that would be delicious. I'm kind of trying to have it go around, so if you know any cunt-posi people that'd want to read it, send send send!

So yeah, if you want a copy, comment with your email address! Sorry if this post is totally inappropriate

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[03 Jul 2006|10:19am]

re: female punks

around a week or so ago i posted a questionnaire for female punks about their experiences. i've been working on a piece to submit to bitch magazine about female punks and whether the scene is male dominated. i would like to use some quotes from some people's answers which will not be associated with any name or details of age etc what so ever. if anyone is very opposed to having their words used (will be in quote marks to show theyre not my own) please comment, thank-you :)

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Introduction [21 Jun 2006|01:25am]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello everyone.

I'm Jedi, and I'm out of Bellingham, Washington. I guess what brought me into the idea of "feminism" or the "anti-gender-role" movement actually came out of my studies relating to my blindness. Dr. Kenneth Jernigan once released a speech called "Blindness: Handicap or characteristic". It basically describes that the limitations imposed by blindness are no more or no less than those limitations imposed by other characteristics. I thought that was revolutionary, and i realized that those philosophies could apply to any set of characteristics. I believe that sex and gender are two things that fit into said category.

I wouldn't say I'm the type of girl to say "I am woman, hear me roar!". But I would say that i'm becoming more and more aware of what gender roles are doing to our society. In many places such as the business I'm getting into, the male gender is still preferred over the female gender. secondly, I'm noticing that men and women are so strictly socialized to fit into one role or another that socialized belief system is starting to be thought of as fact. this is what I think about that.

Evolutionary psychology suggests that the differences between men and women, if any, exist are due to evolutionary left-overs. supposedly, men are the analytical, linear thinkers who can, for example, turn a rubix cube around in their brains because they were the hunters who needed to process the terrain in their minds. Meanwhile, the women are the social, circular, and emotional thinkers who are that way because of the social structuring we needed to create for our safety and the safety of our offspring. whether or not all that's true, I really don't know nor do I care. I think what ultimately happened is that, someone thought this was true and it became so well implanted that the physical evidence has been left far behind us with our evolutionary ancestors and all that's left now is psycho-social BS. Someone tried to tell me tonight that the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain diminishes in men as they age and that's why they are so linear. I honestly don't know about that. Personally, I'm starting to believe that the differences between men and women actually started as a means by which to develop order in our society. Because, truthfully, the male form tends to have more muscle than the female form, it was just easier to take over. Not to say that men are bad. Don't think so. I actually believe that men are victims of this political/social classification just as much as women are. I guess I'm rambling. But what I'm looking for is a community that embraces a sort of gender liberation and unification where men and women are judged by who they are and not by what they are.

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female punks [19 Jun 2006|02:24pm]

i'm writing a piece about female experiences in the punk subculture. i'm looking for female punks of any age to answer a few questions about their experiences and feelings. if you want to be involved, the questions are below - you can comment to this post or my journal or if you want more confidentiality email answers to redhairpinkthighs@hotmail.com

thank-you (sorry for x-posting to those of you it affects)

1. age 2. sexuality
3. what's your earliest memory of exposure to punk?
4. has your involvement with punk caused you trouble/harm?
5. how did you feel belonging to a subculture which is predominantly viewed as consisting of males? for example, did you ever feel like a minority being female?

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O'Reilly Factor [22 Apr 2006|01:28pm]

Did anyone watch the O'Reilly Factor last night...not that you should watch that heinous show but it does suck you in, like Jerry Springer...the shock value is ummm...ridiculous. ANyway he had three guest the [former?] president of Planned Parenthood, a woman from "Concerned Women in American" or something like that and a "women's rights activist" to discuss the new commercial for condoms put on by Planned Parenthood. Which is supposed to be portraying the woman as having the power in the situation...it is cute, about power tools and having the right equipment and the women from the concerned citizens said "they are trying to portray sex as a recreational activity..." I was thinking, "duh?" what is the problem with that...and it was really just a ridiculous arguement because the women were on completely different channels/planes of existence and while one was arguing abstinence only the other was advocating women's sexual empowerment and then the other was throwing around supposed facts about how condoms don't protect against most STIs! It was quite a circus and so frustrating! P.S. incidentally O'reilly factor adviertises that it is a no-spin zone....WOW>>>>

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