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rant, on derivitive of thought and acceptance

I fail to see how porn is a liberating act I thin the attachment of the term liberation to porn is more a masked faced of faux feminism. Just because society has gone from one extreme to another from never speaking about sex, no sex outside marriage strict rules etc. to an almost anything goes attitude, does not make it liberating, or right, or a natural progression. If anything I think its just another facet of human basic needs, desires and emotions which are being exploited for financial gain by the producers, creators, actors, buyers, sellers and pushers of the sex trade and porn industry. Its sad to think that sex has turned into a community, just yet another thing to be proliferated and exploited and profited form. The mystery of sex has all been tossed aside. There’s nothing you can't find out about sex by the age of 12, which leads to an over sexualized culture. Then in turn leading to kids being sexualized younger and younger, and having more products and services shoved their way to improve their sexual images and lives. Why. Why can't a kid be a kid? The person's going to have the rest of their lives to have sex and the like. Why does the messages need to begin when they are not even a teenager yet? What become of innocence, and subtly? Is nothing sacred anymore? I do not feel that this is an overtly conservative perspective, I simply fail to see any human (evolutionary) advantage to sexualizing ourselves younger and younger. Do people just keep going with the flow and ebbs of their societies? Do they never stop and question, hey wait a second, what am I doing, here, where did I make the conscious choice to be okay with this, allow it into my life and go with it all? Its more like it has snuck up, and seamlessly worked its way into one’s life without any permission. Its there because it’s a societal product. And in the end. We are the products. Being sold back ourselves, personas and ideals and beliefs, and somehow accepting them and telling ourselves that what we believe to be true is of our own creation, right… and the culture ad society you grew up in and are stitched apart of had nothing to do with who you are, what you think or buy or use or feel or what belief structures you stand upon.

Porn is here, because we as a society have allowed it to be here. Collectively. Majority rules. In the end, wherever a profit can be made, an industry will be built and exploited and utilized. Its capitalism after all.</b>

Far too often people simply take for granted whatever the “law” leaders, or policy makers or hell trend setters, anyone with authority has to say for granted. As if what they set forth as rules or thought is the final say and what is right. Quite often people will fail to question authority, because if “we” have appointed them, they are on top, then what they say goes, and has to be true and right. Power is a funny thing like that. Really though, inherently there is nothing that is good or bad, only thinking, rules, choices make things into categories of black and white, right and wrong. We then label these rules changes over time, changes in opinion and ways of life as progression of the times and thought, and attempt to label our current thinking patters as “correct” “liberal” and “just” “progressive” “modern”. (linguistics too a crazy powerful tool). But five years later, when we scrap it all, we will have adopted another process of rules and thinking and go on to label these as correct and justifiable and so forth. Now which is right? The then or the now? Who makes that decision? Are they right in making that decision? What gives them the “power” to do so? Who are they to judge?

All of it really does not matter in the end, its all choice, a matter of hearing the right argument and at the right time can have drastic effects on ones mentality and thinking. Hence why political leaders work so hard with their catchy slogans in hopes of cohesion. People after all are easier to control when homogenized, when their actions ad thinking are along the same lines, when majority rules.

We can sit and butt heads all day on who is right, but it will not matter. Because in the end its more like, who is right, right NOW.
I think it’s a far better idea to simply explore the roots of issues and question why things have come to be the way they are, why porn is so widely accepted and what direction is this going to continue to take. If its going no where, what then can be done to absorb this shift, and at least make it a safer environment on various levels. (In Holland, prostitution is legal, its governmentally organized and ran, and considered to be quite clean and safe. Programs are even set up so that people with disabilities can experience sexual pleasure as clientele without stigma. To some, this is the “progressive” direction of thought and action we should be taking.)

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