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Hello everyone.

I'm Jedi, and I'm out of Bellingham, Washington. I guess what brought me into the idea of "feminism" or the "anti-gender-role" movement actually came out of my studies relating to my blindness. Dr. Kenneth Jernigan once released a speech called "Blindness: Handicap or characteristic". It basically describes that the limitations imposed by blindness are no more or no less than those limitations imposed by other characteristics. I thought that was revolutionary, and i realized that those philosophies could apply to any set of characteristics. I believe that sex and gender are two things that fit into said category.

I wouldn't say I'm the type of girl to say "I am woman, hear me roar!". But I would say that i'm becoming more and more aware of what gender roles are doing to our society. In many places such as the business I'm getting into, the male gender is still preferred over the female gender. secondly, I'm noticing that men and women are so strictly socialized to fit into one role or another that socialized belief system is starting to be thought of as fact. this is what I think about that.

Evolutionary psychology suggests that the differences between men and women, if any, exist are due to evolutionary left-overs. supposedly, men are the analytical, linear thinkers who can, for example, turn a rubix cube around in their brains because they were the hunters who needed to process the terrain in their minds. Meanwhile, the women are the social, circular, and emotional thinkers who are that way because of the social structuring we needed to create for our safety and the safety of our offspring. whether or not all that's true, I really don't know nor do I care. I think what ultimately happened is that, someone thought this was true and it became so well implanted that the physical evidence has been left far behind us with our evolutionary ancestors and all that's left now is psycho-social BS. Someone tried to tell me tonight that the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain diminishes in men as they age and that's why they are so linear. I honestly don't know about that. Personally, I'm starting to believe that the differences between men and women actually started as a means by which to develop order in our society. Because, truthfully, the male form tends to have more muscle than the female form, it was just easier to take over. Not to say that men are bad. Don't think so. I actually believe that men are victims of this political/social classification just as much as women are. I guess I'm rambling. But what I'm looking for is a community that embraces a sort of gender liberation and unification where men and women are judged by who they are and not by what they are.
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